Emergency Services

We're Your Emergency Contact

When the worst happens, we are at our best. We have the sharpest skills and finest resources to treat you immediately. Between the Emergency Care Center at North – Maple Grove Hospital and the Emergency Department at North – Robbinsdale Hospital, we coordinate care and share physicians and resources for consistently exceptional results. Together, we treat more than 100,000 patients a year, but you are never just a number: You’re our priority. Our multidisciplinary team works with you to get you back to your multilayered, yet very singular life, stat.


The North Memorial Health Advantage

  • We have two exceptional, experienced emergency departments between North – Robbinsdale Hospital and North – Maple Grove Hospital: Our board-certified emergency physicians and nurses provide care to nearly 110,000 people every year, 24/7.
  • Both North – Robbinsdale Hospital and North – Maple Grove Hospital emergency departments are used as models for other emergency departments nationwide.
  • Between the North Memorial Health Air Care and Ambulance Services and our two hospitals, we can efficiently transport and effectively treat you. You can take comfort in knowing we train to make emergencies our every day.
  • North – Robbinsdale Hospital is a Level I Adult Trauma Center that also takes care of children. We have the resources to treat nearly every possible injury.
  • Our Emergency Care Center at North – Maple Grove Hospital offers the finest community hospital emergency care and integrates seamlessly with North – Robbinsdale Hospital when needed.
  • We like taking care of you, and you like it, too: We consistently rate above the 80th percentile for patient satisfaction.

group of nurses in emergency room

  • Our experienced caretakers recognize significant illnesses quickly. We’re proud of our organization and ability to drop everything and treat you the way you would like to be treated: compassionately and efficiently.
  • A real emergency room is nothing like the ones you see on TV, but we do play a starring role in getting you stabilized. We’re highly trained from head to toe, and will do everything we can to get you on the road to recovery.

Ambulance Services patient transfer

Ambulance Services

As the largest hospital-based air and ground service in the country, North Memorial Health is committed to getting patients to the appropriate care setting safely and quickly to ensure the best possible clinical outcomes. Our Air Care team responds to more than 6,000 service requests a year, and our Ambulance team is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services—the gold standard in the industry.

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Trauma Care

Great healthcare goes beyond those critical first moments in the emergency room. Our trauma program has a 97 percent survival rate, thanks to our expert staff and incredible resources. See how we help you heal.

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Care Team

Our highly trained experts empower you with the knowledge and the support you need to get the healthcare you want.

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Tracy Hartmann headshot

Tracy Hartmann, MD

Emergency Medicine
I strive to provide emergency care to all patients in a caring, timely and cost-effective manner.
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Emily Vogel headshot

Emily E. Vogel, MD

Emergency Medicine
I’m focused on customer-centered care.
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Nicholas Menth headshot

Nicholas L. Menth, MD

Emergency Medicine
I focus on helping my patients get through difficult times the best they can.
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Cody Soyk Headshot

Cody Soyk, MD

Emergency Medicine
I strive to provide customer-centered care in an emergency situation.
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Jeff Vespa headshot

Jeff Vespa, MD

Emergency Medicine
I aim to create reassurance and trust by providing care in a compassionate manner.
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Brett Wieker headshot

Brett Wieker, MD

Emergency Medicine
I deliver common sense care.
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Craig Matticks headshot

Craig A. Matticks, MD, FACEP

Emergency Medicine
I aim to investigate and provide recommendations on how patients should manage their health care concerns.
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Marc Conterato headshot

Marc Richard Conterato, MD

Emergency & Trauma, Pre-hospital Medicine
I treat and respect others as I would like to be treated.
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Christopher Palmer headshot

Christopher John Palmer, MD

Emergency Medicine
I enjoy caring for patients of all ages with emergency conditions.
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Parissa Delavari headshot

Parissa Delavari, MD

Emergency Medicine
I feel very fortunate to help people in the ER with unexpected illness or injuries.
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Todd Gengerke headshot

Todd R. Gengerke, MD

Emergency Medicine
I believe in a common sense, practical approach to care using evidence-based medicine.
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Matthew Rau headshot

Matthew Rau, MD

Emergency Medicine
I enjoy working with patients and their families to provide the best care possible.
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Robert Deisz headshot

Robert Deisz, MD

Emergency Medicine
I feel it is important to communicate with patients and families in a way that helps relieve the stress of an ER visit.
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Laura Berg headshot

Laura J. Berg, MD, FAAEM, FACEP

Emergency Medicine
I'm committed to providing our elders the best care possible.
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Katie Vogt headshot

Katie Vogt, MD

Emergency Medicine
I treat patients with respect, compassion and kindness – the way I would want my family to be treated.
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Damon Cashman headshot

Damon Cashman, MD

Emergency Medicine
I strive to provide patients with excellent and compassionate emergency care.
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